A New Dawn

I went running this morning!  I haven’t done that since Peri was born.  Out of necessity, I’ve become an evening/lunchtime exerciser.  I breastfed Peri for a full year (still going but only evenings, mornings, and random times when she grabs my shirt), and I needed to get to the daycare early in order to have time to nurse her there.  For an entire year, I willingly accepted taking the kids to daycare as part of my daily routine.  The Mister and I both drive past the daycare on the way to work, so he just as easily could have dropped them off.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit resentful that he got to just breeze out of the door daily.

Now that Peri is older, we don’t nurse at the daycare anymore, but we kept our old schedule out of habit.  I realized last week that I was arriving at work 45 minutes early with nothing pressing to do.  I decided that it high time that I add morning exercise back into my routine.  I informed The Mister that he will be dropping the kids off some mornings since I’ve done it forever.  We are also experimenting with just one person getting both kids ready for school.  I’ve had to do this occasionally since he has to be at work by 6AM sometimes, but we typically tag-team the job.  It can be tough trying to wrangle both kids out the door alone while the other person sleeps blissfully.  However, it is totally worth it to me to have a block of time in the morning to myself some days.

Today was the first full time The Mister handled all morning duties including drop-off.  I planned to go running and I succeeded, mostly.  I laid all my clothes out the night before and set my alarm for 5:40AM with the intention of being out the door by 6AM for a 5-mile run.  I need to do better about prepping because I didn’t get started until 6:15!  It was like a comedy of minor errors trying to get out the door.  Why can’t I lock the door?  Oh right, we changed the door fixture and I don’t have the new key on my ring.  Where’s the new key?  The garage doorknob just fell off!  What is it with the doors in this house!  Oops, forgot my Ipod…  Ugh!  I’ll do better next time.

I had to cut the run a little short opting for a 5K around my neighborhood instead of the 5-miler I had planned.  I’m still running quite slowly so a 5-miler would have required at least an hour of time that I didn’t have.  I completed 3.1 miles in 33:05 for 10:40/mile pace.  I took several brief walk breaks but I ran up all of the hills only gassing out at the top of some of them.

I’m not mad at my pace at all.  The last time I raced a 5K (last June), I finished in just under 40 minutes.  So 33 minutes is a great improvement because my neighborhood is pretty hilly compared to the fairly flat 5K that I ran.  I also wasn’t pushing during this run so that makes me feel even better about the pace.  I need to sign up for another 5K to get a new baseline!

I really need to commit to running 3x a week if I want to be prepared for the things I’d like to do in the second half of 2014.  Now that mornings are back in play, I can see this being more manageable.  Two morning runs and 1 lunchtime run would make 3 runs/week easy.  I’d like to include a weekend long run in there too and I’ll work on that in time.

Committing to morning runs will also have the desirable side effect of forcing me to go to bed earlier.  Peri is sleeping well, much better than before, and I’m getting more rest than ever.  I still need to recuperate from a year of sleep deprivation but I’ve developed the nasty habit of of staying up late doing absolutely nothing.  Before Peri was born, I passed out at 9:30PM.  Now, I end up sitting in bed playing Words With Friends or Ruzzle and browsing Facebook and Twitter from 10-10:30 or 11 when I crash.  This is simply not a good use of the extra 30 minutes of evening time that I’ve found now that I don’t have to prep bottles for daycare anymore.

Things are changing for the better and its time for me to make more efficient use of my time.  I can get both more exercise and rest.  Five or six days of exercise a week and 7 hours of sleep a night – that’s the goal.  I think that’s a good habit for me to develop.

Yep, it’s a new day and I’m feeling good.

Song of the Run: “Call The Law” – Big Boi & Janelle Monae from the “Idlewild” soundtrack

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On My Mind

  • I am an experienced allergy sufferer.  I was forced to take “Contact” regularly when I was 13!  That said, this allergy season is kicking my butt.  I’ve never had sinus issues before but I learned about their misery on Thursday and Friday.  Twice-daily doses of Zyrtec did nothing but make me sleepy.  The sneezing was out of control and my head hurt from the sinus pressure.  Ugh!
  • I took Thursday and Friday off to get some cleaning and errands done since my parents were coming over the weekend.  I thought I’d also take the opportunity to do a few long runs.  The pollen and my reaction to it dictated otherwise.  I didn’t want to leave the house and every time I did, I sneezed for hours.
  • Once again, I find myself a week out from a race and totally unprepared.  This time, the race is 9 miles.  I think I’m going to have to just suck it up and suffer.  I could drop down to the 5K but what fun is that?  I might have to check the pollen count first though!
  • We purchased a new lawnmower a couple of summers ago.  This lawnmower is now broken.  Why?  According to my father, someone (not me!) did not change the oil and the engine is destroyed.  I’m pissed and our grass looks like crap.
  • On a good note, a new lawn guy will cut it for $40.  We have a really small yard and that is a fair price.  I severed our relationship with our last lawn guy who took it upon himself to do 10x more work than I asked him to do.  I asked him to weed a flowerbed and trim the bushes.  He raked the leaves and cleared up old pine straw a did whole bunch of other stuff and proceeded to charge me $120.  I nearly choked when he told me how much he wanted.  I guess I could have argued with him about the situation but I felt stupid for not clarifying up front (there is a language barrier too) and not paying attention to how long he was out there.  I paid him and counted it as “stupid tax” on my part but he lost a good (occasional) customer and reference because I will NEVER use him again.
  • I’m ready for a new house.  I’m so ready!  I’ve been married almost 6 years but we still live in “my” house.  I can’t wait to get a house that we both pick out.  I suspect it will happen in the next 5 years, maybe sooner.
  • I’m back in decorating mode.  We need a new bed and I have a vision for a new look for our bedroom.  I don’t think I will bother making it happen in this house though.  Besides, it takes me forever to find everything that I want and make a room just right.
  • The Mister got some news about his future on the job and it looks bright.  A promotion for him will probably involve a move for us and I can’t say that I’m upset about that.  I love Atlanta but there is a bit of wanderlust in my spirit and I want a new house.
  • I have a good job, but as a programmer, I can find work pretty easily.  I’m also pretty committed to remaining just a programmer and not getting into project management or leadership.  That means that my salary is pretty much going to top out in the next few years.  The Mister has the opportunity, desire, and potential to go really far with his company into upper management.  It is in the best interest of our family to allow him the opportunity to succeed even if that means a job change and move.
  • I signed up for a CrossFit team competition at the end of the month.  I’m excited to participate and hope that I don’t let my team down.  My cardio conditioning isn’t what I’d like it to be mainly because of my weight, but I am totally willing to gas myself out for the team.  The good thing is that weights that can be pretty heavy for smaller girls are pretty easy for me because I’m fairly strong.  Things balance out!
  • I finally tried out Pollo Tropical and I’m in love.  I miss El Pollo Loco because they had a really good side salad and $3 1/4 chicken Tuesdays.  But the chicken at Pollo Tropical is much tastier.  I like having this option when I don’t have leftovers to bring for lunch.
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