Training Plan: H9 50 Miler

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-Tzu

Pinhoti 100 on November 3 is the goal. I haven’t signed up yet because there is that little matter of trying to have a baby. I don’t need to spend my hard-earned cash to be motivated to train for a race. I’m training and if I’m meant to get pregnant, I’ll get pregnant. If I’m meant to run 100 miles, I won’t be pregnant on Nov 3. Simple as that.

My journey to 100 miles begins with a brutal race on a trail I love to hate. H9 is back for the new year with an official marathon (apparently it was last year too!) and a Phatt-Ass 50 miler (their spelling, not mine). The marathon is hard enough, but I’m going harder this year. Just check out the course description for the 50 miler. Last year, 9 people attempted the 50 miler and only 3 finished. The reported elevation gain is 14,000ft but I suspect that is an underestimate. Fun times!

I think this race will take me so long that it will be my longest race…even though it won’t be the longest distance that I’ve covered. I fully expect a hot and miserable yet totally exhilarating experience complete with multiple freak outs, breakdowns, and episodes of being lost. It will be a wonder if I finish the darn thing. If I do, I’m 100% sure I will be mentally and physically ready for Pinhoti.

My coach will be off doing his thing on the Appalachian Trail (because he’s awesome), but he was hooked me up with a plan to torture train me in his absence. I’m ready and excited to be back at it again. I had no idea what was in store for me last year (and probably still don’t), but I’m going to bring my “A” game. I plan to come to H9 this year leaner and meaner than ever. Bring on the beatdown!


Week 1: 04/30-05/06

M 3 Miles Moderate
T KeMo Climb
W 5 Miles Easy
R KeMo Climb, 5 Miles Easy, CrossFit
F Rest
S KeMo Climb x 3
S 6 Miles Easy

Week 2: 05/07-05/13

M CrossFit
T 6 Miles (Alt MP, 5K Pace)
W 3 Miles Easy
R KeMo Climb, Step Class
F Rest
S Twisted Ankle Marathon
S 4 Miles Easy

Week 3: 05/14-05/20

M CrossFit
T 6 Miles Easy Trail
W CrossFit, 3 Miles Easy
R 4 Miles Easy
F Rest
S 6 Miles Easy
S 3 Miles Easy

Week 4: 05/21-05/27

M KeMo VC to Burnt Hickory
T 7 Miles Easy
W KeMo Climb, 3 Miles Fast
R 4 Miles Easy
F Rest
S 13 Hilly Trail Miles
S 5 Miles Easy

Week 5: 05/28-06/03

M Rest
T 5×1 Mile (80%, Flat)
W 6 Miles Easy, CrossFit
R 4 Miles Moderate
F Rest
S 20 Miles Flat (Tempo Last 30 Mins)
S 5 Miles Easy

Week 6: 06/04-06/10

M Rest
T KeMo Climb, 3 Miles @ 80%
W CrossFit, 6 Miles Easy
R KeMo Climb, 3 Miles Easy
F Rest
S Kennesaw 2 x (VC to BH) ~ 20 miles
S 5 Miles Easy

Week 7: 06/11-06/17

M Rest
T 4 Miles Easy
W CrossFit, 3 Miles Easy
R 4 Miles Easy
F Rest, CrossFit
S 6 Miles Easy
S 3 Miles Easy

Week 8: 06/18-06/24

M Rest, CrossFit
T KeMo Climb (Speed), 3 Miles @ 80%
W 5 Miles Easy
R 6 x 1 Mile @ 80% w/2 min recovery
F Rest
S 13 Miles Hilly Trail
S 8 Miles Easy

Week 9: 06/25-07/01

M Rest, *Sunday Makeup Run
T Weights, 6 Miles Easy
W 6 Miles Moderate
R KeMo Climb, 4 Miles @ 80%
F Rest
S 18 Miles Easy (Flat)
S 5 Miles Easy

Week 10: 07/02-07/08

M Rest
T KeMo Climb, 5 Miles @ 80%
W 6 Miles (Peachtree?)
R 2 x KeMo Climb (Easy Pace)
F 6 Miles Moderate
S 20 Miles Flat Easy Non-Stop
S 3 Miles (3 Miles @ 90%, 1 Minute Recovery)

Week 11: 07/09-07/15

M Weights, 4 Miles Easy
T Weights, KeMo Climb (Powerhike Up)
W CrossFit, 3 Miles Easy
R 3 x KeMo Climb (Max effort powerhike, Recover on descent)
F Rest
S Rest
S 3 Miles Easy

Week 12: 07/16-07/22

M Rest
T 6 Miles
W 3 Miles
R Rest
F 5 Miles Easy
S 2 x Brasstown Bald Climb (12 Miles)
S 15 Miles Easy Trail

Week 13: 07/23-07/29

M CrossFit
T 3 Miles Easy
W 6 Miles (2 Minutes Hard, 1 Minute Easy)
R 2 x KeMo Climb
F Rest
S Georgia Games 10K (Race Effort)
S 6 Miles Easy

Week 14: 07/30-08/05

M Rest
T 4 Miles
W Rest
R 4 Miles Easy
F Rest
S Hot To Trot 8 Hour
S 4 Miles Recovery
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3 Responses to Training Plan: H9 50 Miler

  1. Kara says:

    Your plan looks fun! I hope you don’t do all that training and then get pregnant 2 weeks before the race, just because your body has a sense of humor. :)

    I like the plans my coach sends because he gives me direction and not just run 80 mpw. Keeps it interesting!

    If I make it to October, I’m going discuss prevention with The Mister. I can’t get that close and risk it!

  2. Disco Diva says:

    I thought you were going to say you signed up for a 1000 mile race!

    I would love to see you do your race…but I also know you are actively planning to get pregnant and Nov is pretty far off so we will see!

    Good luck!

    I would say that there is no 1000 mile race but you never know. I know a local guy doing the McNaughton 500 miler right now.

    At 35, I fully expect it to take longer this time around. If it takes a year or two, then it takes that long. I just don’t want to take drugs because of the increased risk of multiples. Being > 30 and African-American already increase the chance of that happening. I can’t afford two newborns!

  3. Raquel W says:

    Did I mention you were my Shero!??
    By the way, how did you select a coach and what are you being coached on? Running only or fitness in general? I recently got a gym trainer but I think I might need some coaching on my running performance. Any info you can share would be great!

    Awww thanks! It is hard to find generic ultramarathon training plans. I decided to go with a coach because I had no idea what I was doing! I did consider price because I was not looking to spend $250/month when I know I don’t really have the ability to win these races. I also tried to find someone local because I wanted to be able to meet with the person if necessary. I absolutely love the fact that my coach has pretty much run any crazy local trail and can give me the 411 on what to look for. We choose different focuses at different races, but my main goal initially was just to finish. I am working now on getting stronger and a little faster so he has me doing slightly different workouts. An RRCA certified running coach might be your best bet for regular road running. But there are always people without that certification that still know what they are doing.

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