Whole30 Week 1: Recipe Roundup

I’m not a great experimental cook, but I can easily follow most recipes. The majority of my usual staple of recipes is out due to the inclusion of something forbidden on the Whole30 program. Who knew that I ate so much cheese? Anyway, The Foodee was an excellent source of recipes culled from a bunch of Paleo recipe blogs complete with pretty pictures. I found most of these recipes using that site.

  • Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash: I don’t like scrambled eggs all that much so I’m very open to eating dinner type foods for breakfast. This was really good and easy. It also worked as a good post-workout breakfast option because of the carbs from the sweet potato and lower fat levels. I found some Whole30 compliant Italian chicken sausage at Target made by Isernio. It has no sugar and there’s nothing sketchy in it. Would make again
  • Roast Sticky Chicken: I make this chicken so often that I just mix up a large batch of the spices and keep it in the cabinet. It always tastes great. This is a weekend recipe though because of the long marinating (4-6 hours) and the baking process (4-5 hours). I roasted a pack of chicken thighs and a pack of chicken legs instead of a whole chicken. I love dark meat chicken! I kept the skin on because I’m supposed to eat fat on this diet. Would make again
  • Crockpot Ropa Vieja: This tasted just alright hot out of the crockpot. It was 10x better the next day after lunch with some additional salt. Maybe the flavors needed time to marinate? I didn’t make the cauliflower rice because dragging the food processor out is a real hassle sometimes. Would make again
  • Primal Chicken Tikka Misala: I usually buy an Archer Farms kit from Target to make this dish the lazy way. This felt like a lot of work and I wish I had done it over the weekend. A cooking time of 1:20 minutes is just too long for a weeknight. The recipe is also a little unclear to me. I *hate* when recipes say stuff like 3-4 chicken breasts. Can I get a weight value please? My Kroger chicken packs always have 3 breasts but some packs weigh 1lb and others weigh 2lb. In spite of my questions about the recipe, everything turned out OK. This was another one that tasted better the next day. I wanted some rice with this so bad! There was a lot of yummy sauce and nothing to sop it up with. I just might have to grind up some cauliflower “rice” soon – even though it is so not the same. Would NOT make again
  • Ghee: You can’t have dairy on Whole30. I need butter for my veggies. This recipe produces clarified butter which is butter with all the milk solids filtered out. The process was easy but slow (~30 minutes). The good thing is that I didn’t have to be all that involved. I just let the butter do its thing. My mason jar of ghee (~1.5 cups) cost $9 to make ($6 1lb of quality butter + $2.50 cheesecloth). So far, I have not used the ghee as cooking fat. I’ve mainly used a bit on my steamed broccoli for flavor. It doesn’t taste exactly like butter but it isn’t too bad. Would make again
  • Sweet Potato Chips: I wanted to make a snack food and also wanted an easy way to get carbs post-workout on-the-go. These were a bit of a hassle to make because I don’t have a mandoline. Flipping 100 thin chips over in the oven also sucks. They were so good that it was worth the hassle. I had trouble controlling myself. Would make again
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2 Responses to Whole30 Week 1: Recipe Roundup

  1. im going to have to try the roast sticky chicken!

    It is so good. The skin tastes great and the spices flavor the meat. Might want to half the amount of salt in the recipe though. I love salt but as written it is a little too salty even for me! I skip the onions too – lazy.

  2. K. Rock says:

    Ohh I love this. Very interesting recipes here. You made your own ghee? I know you can buy it but I guess it is probably more economical to make yourself. That roast chicken looks yum-me.

    The cost to buy the recommended kind (organic and grassfed) was too much. It was so easy to make. Please make the chicken! It is delish!

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