Oh, You Didn’t Know That I’m a Film Critic?

Sister P flew into town to pay a visit on Friday. I took advantage of having the day off to check out a matinee showing of The Hunger Games. I read the books almost a year ago, but in anticipation of the movie, listened to the audiobook. This stuff is fresh in my mind.

I really enjoyed the movie and here are my thoughts (because you care so much!). If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, please skip this post as spoilers are included. If you’ve seen it and are obsessed with the books like me, please share your nitpicky thoughts too!

Well Played

  • Katniss’ last words to her mother and her fierce hug. I thought it characterized their relationship perfectly. Katniss seemed like the mother and the mother seemed like the daughter.
  • The smile Thresh gave to Rue when he saw her in the ceiling during training. I don’t think the book clarified early on that he cared for her. We see it later, of course, when he spares her life.
  • I loved seeing the gamemakers control room stuff.
  • I was so glad to see that District 11 included people of all races. I never really considered race when I read the book initially and only realized that Rue was black after listening to the audio. Duh! Anyway, the author’s description of District 11 (through Rue) with the whippings and the fact that they had 2 black tributes made me think too much of slavery.
  • The scene where they first entered the arena and are waiting for the mandatory 60 seconds before the start of the games was awesome. The tension. The fear. Excellent.


  • I wish they hadn’t cut Katniss pleading with Thresh for her life after he kills Clove (?). From the books, we know that her treatment of Rue was why he felt he owed her. The way it was shown though, he had no idea that Katniss and Rue were allies. What reason would he have to save her with so few tributes left?
  • Peeta’s injury didn’t look very grave to me and it was not one that could be resolved by some magic salve. I guess it would have been to hard to dramatize infection as the danger opposed to a cut? It’s not like they could have had Katniss saying “Peeta! Your leg is infected!”
  • Katniss found water awfully quickly and never suffered from dehydration. I guess they can’t include everything.
  • I think they missed a nice touching moment by not showing District 11 sending the bread. The revolution scene was nice though. I suppose that would have required too much explanation.
  • I never pictured Haymitch, or any other handler, interacting with the gamemakers. Sponsors, yes, but gamemakers no. I don’t like that because it opens up potential for favoritism. It makes the games seem more tainted than they already were.
  • I don’t think anyone in any of the districts looked like they were starving. They looked poor, but not hungry.
  • The “Girl On Fire” costume was disappointing. It just looked like crappy CGI on the screen – not like I imagined.
  • I didn’t like how Katniss’ first kill went down. I don’t recall Katniss cutting Rue down from the trap in the book. I almost thought she might save her in the movie. In the movie, Katniss kind of shot the tribute in self-defense because he was shooting at her. In the book, the killing was more deliberate and out of pure anger because Rue was already dead. I like the book’s version better. I still cried at Rue’s death because I’m a sap.
  • A Facebook friend pointed this out, but why was Buttercup the cat black and white?


  • I didn’t realize Thresh was killed by the dogs. In the book, Katniss & Peeta do not know how he died. I guess I should have put it together that the dogs killed him since Katniss & Peeta encounter them shortly thereafter.
  • The cornucopia looked nothing like I had imagined it. Nothing.

Your thoughts?

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6 Responses to Oh, You Didn’t Know That I’m a Film Critic?

  1. Rashida says:

    I loved the books and really enjoyed the movie.
    – I agree with the girl on fire outfit. That didn’t seem like something all that amazing, to make everyone like her.
    – I was happy just to see the cornucopia.When I was reading I couldn’t figure out what that would look like.
    – Thank goodness they didn’t make Lenny Kravitz gay, I was really worried about that. I don’t like to see straight, black men I like playing gay men.
    – When I was reading the movie reviews someone said something that I thought to be very true. They said they thought the movie was more emotional than the book. The book was sad at parts, but I never teared up in the book. The movie had my eyes watery a couple times.
    – I also expected the District 12 people to look more emaciated. They looked slim, but too healthy.
    – I didn’t get the Rue was black either, and I love the girl who played her.
    – The flashbacks were okay. But I think they should have got more into the fact that Katniss felt she “owed” Peeta for giving her that bread.
    – I’ve never seen a movie theater so quiet and still in my life! Also never have seen such a diverse age crowd in the theater either.
    Thanks for posting this! Somehow there’s time to read and workout.

    I didn’t cry reading the book either. The audiobook was more emotionally charged since someone was reading it aloud. I did cry for Rue while listening.

    The book states several times that Cinna’s only nod to Capital fashion was gold eyelids. I never got a sense of his sexuality either way. There is just often
    this assumption that fashion designer = gay. You would think with YA books they wouldn’t cover sexuality. I never even thought of Dumbledore (Harry Potter) as gay until the author stated it. I just didn’t think about him in any kind of relationship!

    I sat next to a couple in their 60s during the movie. I almost asked them what sparked their interest.

    I love to read. :) But, since Lewis was born I find myself doing about 65% of my reading via audiobook. I manage about 1 physical novel a month.

  2. Disco Diva says:

    I really enjoyed the movie and thought they did a great job.

    I was surprised they didn’t show what a drunk Hamitch was! It would have been extremely funny if he participated in the reaping.

    Wanted more “apparent” surgery at the capital. They basically just had flashy clothing and colored hair.

    I thought the tracker jackers would have been larger…and I don’t thing that knife she had would have cut that limb!

    I loved the capital scenes and thought they would talk about the delicious food more. There was basically just the pastries randomly everywhere. I wanted them to gorge themselves!

    I hated the dress…it was underwhelming..and I thought the Tribute Parade they should have been completely wrapped in fire…this one was more like a cape!

    The movie overall is good…and hope they are working on Catching Fire for next year!

    They sure did play up the serious and leave out the laughs, no? I’ll be having Haymitch falling off the stage would have messed up the dramatic tension in that scene. It was tense even though I knew what happens. Oh yeah, and I cried here when they gave her the District salute after she volunteered.

    True about the Capital citizens. They sort of looked like people out of Wicked!

    With the food, they didn’t really seem to play up the starving thing. Katniss rightly sneered at the excess of the Capital, but a starving person does not turn down good food. Then again, she wasn’t exactly starving since she had game!

  3. Kara says:

    Did you see this article?


    I saw that you mentioned Rue/Thresh and I thought you’d be interested!

    I read that. I find it so disappointing that some people feel that way SMH! Like the whole thing is ruined because of Rue’s race? Really?!?

  4. I’m not sure I want to go see the movie yet. I hate it when the movie ruins the book for me. I wasn’t disappointed( that much) with the Harry Potter series but the first Twilight movie was….not my favorite. So I might have to wait for DVD. On another subject, this might be why I still haven’t watched The Help.

    I think the movie is worth seeing. HG is a shorter book than the longest Harry Potter so there is less for them to leave out!

    I tried to read Twilight and after picking my way slowly through the first book gave up. I don’t get that one. It seemed really YA to me and it whatever was going on was not entertaining enough for me to look past that. I realize that I’m in the minority with this one!

  5. Okay, I had to skip the post because I haven’t read the books yet (they are on my summer reading list). I will circle back to this post when I read them and see the movie. I love film critiques

  6. Quiana says:

    Great recap! I finally saw it this past weekend so had your post bookmarked to come back to it . . .the main thing I wish they had included was showing that the beasts had human eyes. That was so creepy yet cool in the book and I would have loved to see it on the big screen. Overall I have it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars because of the inconsistencies. I’m totally not a sap (but my lil sis is and cried in the book and movie when Rue died) and I thought they made Katniss cry waaay to much over Rue. It was kinda awkward for me. I’ve started the 2nd book and can’t wait to get through the rest.

    I wish they had done that too but I just know it would have turned out cheesy! Similar to how every Stephen King movie creature looks awful. I’d rather not see it at all.

    The Mister watched it with me and said that he didn’t get the Rue thing at all because they didn’t develop the relationship enough. I can see that.

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