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  • I can’t believe that Peri will turn 1 in about 4 weeks.  We had a big party for my son’s first birthday but I am going with a celebration for 4 this time.  A first birthday party is mainly for the parent’s anyway.  I was eager to celebrate successfully guiding a child to age 1 back in 2010.  Now I’m like “been there, done that”.  Poor Peri is already a victim of second child syndrome!
  • I am down to pumping 2x a day at work.  My stash is now large enough that if I pump a smallish number of ounces, I can ride out the breastmilk thing at daycare for the one final month.  I was pumping before bed too but I stopped that.  I feel like I’ve discovered an extra hour every day now.  I can’t wait to be completely done with pumping.
  • As soon as I’m done pumping, I’m planning a stay-cation week.  I’ve had a few holidays off work since Peri’s birth where I was able to send the kids to daycare and relax on my day off.  The problem was that I still had to pump on schedule so I could hardly do anything.  By the time I dropped the kids off and got home it was 8AM.  I would be ready for a nap but I had to pump.  Then I would take a nap and wake up and it was time to pump again.  Then I’d eat lunch and contemplate running an errand, but change my mind because it would soon be time to pump yet again.  With pumping out of the way, I plan to catch up on a year’s worth of missed sleep and house cleaning.
  • Quiana over at Harlem Love Birds linked this article and I nodded and proclaimed “Yes, exactly!” so many times that I could not stand it.  I also found this nugget about a recent study that found working moms spend an extra 10.5 hours a week juggling multiple tasks compared to men.  I will make The Mister read both of these over the weekend because he never seems to understand why I have a minor mental breakdown every 8 weeks or so.
  • I signed up for this race over Thanksgiving break thinking I’d be able to do a good job training.  The race is next week and I am scrambling.  I went out to Kennesaw Mountain two weeks ago and “ran” 6 miles.  It took me 1.5 hours.  I found out today that the 9 mile race is actually 9.6 miles.  Yay?  I contemplated dropping down to the 4-mile race and I do have that option.  I emailed the RD and she said that the course was “fast-hikeable” and as long as I finished in 3.5 hours for the sake of the volunteers that I would be OK.  I think I will stick with the 9 10 mile race and prepare for lots of slapping myself over that decision while I shuffle along alone on the last 3.6 miles of the course.
  • Disco Diva was kind enough to allow me join her for the showing of “Book of Mormon” at the Fox a few weeks ago.  I was excited but had cautious hopes for really liking this one.  People made a big deal over “Spamalot” and how funny it was and I just didn’t enjoy that one at all.   Happily, I loved it!  It was very funny and very profane which was expected since the writers of “South Park” and “Avenue Q” are behind it.  I downloaded the music (I do this for all the musicals I see) and am enjoying it even more now that I can catch all of the lyrics.  If you enjoy musicals, this one is an amusing listen because they clearly played upon popular musical songs when they wrote the songs.  You can hear strains/chords of songs from “Lion King” and “Wicked” just to name a few.
  • Tours of “Once” and “American Idiot” are up next.  I am contemplating seeing both.  The next season of Broadway in Atlanta looks awesome with “Newsies,” “Wicked,” “Pippin,” and “Motown The Musical” on my must-see list.
  • I might be sucking at running, but I am improving in CrossFit.  I’ve graduated from doing step-ups on the short box to doing 20″ box jumps.  I am hitting some brand new PRs (deadlift, benchpress, shoulder press, cleans) and getting stronger with other lifts that have been sucking for me (back/front squats) since giving birth the first time.  I am still super slow at all the anaerobic stuff (burpees, box jumps, etc) but things are better now than they were 6 months ago.

Want to share something on your mind?  Please do!

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2 Responses to On My Mind

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    OMG! One year’s old already? That’s insanely wonderful. Time flew by way fast.
    Your reference to “pumping” had me thinking you were talking about weights at first. Perhaps they should make a dumbbell that has a breastmilk storage compartment. Ya know, so you can multi-task ‘n stuff.

    Time flies! I can’t believe my son will be Kindergarten age this year and the “baby” will be a toddler in a month. I’ll never be done pumping weights, but I will be finished milking myself like a cow soon LOL!

  2. LaShawn says:

    I really really really want to try cross fit. But Don’t know where to go or where to start.
    The peachtree is coming. We sign up tomorrow. It’s like that yearly thing that I do that I dread every year. LOL. But I always feel so accomplished afterwards. And there is always the idea of beating my previous time. I really want to sign up for and actually RUN the Disney half next year. Time will tell.
    And that was a great article over at Harlem Love Birds. I want to send it to CDub but somehow, I don’t think it will go over well….

    There are so many affiliate locations – you can find them here. I trip over 4 other CrossFit locations before I get to my chosen gym! They are individually owned so the culture/workout focus is slightly different at each one. I think it is a great way to get into lifting heavy AND a good way to get into great shape. Most gyms offer a free workout so you can try it before you buy. I won’t lie – it can get expensive. It’s cheap compared to hiring a personal trainer, but not compared to an LA Fitness membership.

    Wonder if I should sign up for Peachtree (and not run) again this year? I think this would be the 5th year that I have failed to run!

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