Three Things Thursday

  1. I need a new 4 mile race PR.  My current 38-ish “PR” was from my first race ever back in 2007.  I was very excited to run sub-10 minute miles at the time but I can do much better than that now.  Four mile races are very rare around here.  The track club hosted one a few weeks ago, but The Mister had to work so I couldn’t go.  I’ll be on the hunt because I think that’s a record I can knock out the park now.
  2. I used to be a Twitter hater but now hardly ever post on Facebook and live on Twitter!  Even if I don’t post status updates, I’m am always scrolling through and catching up on the going-ons.  I think I like Twitter better because I don’t know most of the people in real life.  I feel like I can be more “me” and definitely more random on Twitter.
  3. I just finished listening to Tayari Jones’ “Silver Sparrow” on audiobook.  It is a very good read/listen.  The book is a coming of age story told from the perspective of two girls who share a bigamist father.  One sister knows of the other but the other child has no idea her father has this whole other life.   The father’s actions made me so angry at one point that I was cursing him out loud him in the car!  Does that make me a crazy person?  The book made me think – how would I treat a person that I discovered was my sister and I had never known about it?  I remember this was a storyline in one of my dearly departed favorite TV shows – “Soul Food” on Showtime.  The sisters totally shunned the half-sister in that scenario.  It is kind of a shame because the person deserving all the scorn is the cheating parent – not their offspring.
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7 Responses to Three Things Thursday

  1. krissy says:

    I feel the exact same way about twitter. I can just be myself and not worry about anything. I only know a few people on twitter IRL and I don’t have a facebook.

    Yes! No people from high school, no relatives. I’m free on Twitter.

  2. Disco diva says:

    Was the half sister in Soul Food an outside child?

    I wish Tayari changed the voc of the sisters chapter by chapter because by the time we finally hear Chaurice pov I was firmly TeamDana.

    Rarely go on Facebook anymore…twitter rocks!

    The half-sister (played by Tyra Banks) was an outside child. I don’t think she had a deep relationship with the Dad like in the book though.

    I agree about the voice change. I had trouble feeling sympathetic for her situation (which sucked) because I felt the other girl had been so slighted.

  3. Clu says:

    I love being as random as I want to on Twitter! I hardly ever update my FB status anymore…I do have some people I know on twitter but they’re people I am comfortable with. My niece is on Twitter and she wanted me to follow her…luckily she had hundreds of followers so I doubt she notices her crazy Aunt…I hope

    Well that’s annoying…there were a BUNCH of 4 mile races up here that I refused to sign up for because anything beyond a 5K scares me at this point.

    My niece is 19 and I just can’t follow her. You watch someone grow up and then suddenly they are on your timeline cussing and flirting with dudes. iCan’t.

    What’s another .9 miles after 3.1!

  4. Roses Daughter says:

    Silver Sparrow was a great book.
    I love Twitter and now only update Facebook occasionally with Photos for family. Too many folks from high school and others who I have no idea why they are my friend.

    ITA about the Facebook thing. I need to go through and clean house. I don’t even remember half of those people from high school. They certainly weren’t people I chatted with on a daily basis!. I just friended them because I saw that we had mutual friends. I don’t do that anymore.

  5. Oooo! You just gave me another book for my summer reading list.

  6. chele says:

    I’m still getting used to Twitter but I agree about the freedom aspect. As for Facebook, I keep my friends list below 100 and I limit who has access to what.

    I loved reading Silver Sparrow. Fantastic book!

  7. Nerd Girl says:

    Silver Sparrow is definitely on my to-read list – I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I’m late to the Twitter party, but I’m liking it!

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